This is selfless-ness in the flesh! Our #DailyDoseofGood is always meant to shine a light on others who are in need of, or who are doing, a little extra good for our community. Erik Fischetti from Atlantic City is doing something that incorporates both!

Throughout the years, Erik has made it a point to get out of his car and walk behind the gas station when he stops there in Atlantic City. There, he finds his buddy Alex; a homeless man with a troubled mind, yet brilliant insight.

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Erik says, "I have always stopped and had extremely interesting conversations with him."

A couple years back, Erik began taking video's of Alex and his views, and posted them on an instagram account called @atlanticcitycrust. The more Erik got to know Alex, the less he could bare the thought of him living out in the cold behind a gas station.

Alex has lived behind a gas station in Atlantic City for 11 years. He's not a fan of accepting things from strangers, and is not competent enough to put things to good use on his own.

But since Erik has taken the time to get to know Alex, he has finally broken through his wall a little bit. So now, he trusts Erik enough to get him out of the cold weather during the winter months.

So this is where we ALL come in: Erik now feels like he can get Alex to accept things, but can't afford to provide them all on his own. All of the money donated through a Go-Fund-Me page that Erik has put together,  will go directly to their campaign called: #AlexforpresidentAC.

Credit: Erik Fischetti via

With the help of the community, they've raised $2,500 in just 3 months! In which case,  Erik has been able to get Alex a hotel room, but would like to get more nights, clothes, hygeine, food, and some accessible funds when he needs things. Erik says he will personally maintain Alex's surplus and distribute funds to him for whatever he will allow, whenever he will allow it, since Alex is hesitant to accept things.

Erik has been with Alex day and night, working on getting him to accept some changes. Erik says, he will not stop, and will keep you posted on all money spent via updates on

If you'd like to help out Erik in changing Alex's life, comment, like and share to help spread the word. And if you feel inclined to donate you can do so through the Go-Fund-Me link here.

If you know someone out there who is in need of a little extra dose of good, send us a message to our Facebook Page!

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