, a website of all things fun to do and eat in a particular city, recently scanned Atlantic City for the best of the best.  Read on for the best places to be seen, eat and drink in AC!

"Favorite Restaurant: American Cut. I just turn to the stage-lighted kitchen for the mohawked silhouette of my favorite Iron Chef vet and I know my steak's coming out charred perfectly black and blue. Plus, they serve the salty-sweetest onion rings outside of Tony Luke's, and, when I don't want candy bar pie for dessert, I just kick back a shot of their under-the-bar banana Jameson.

Best Burger: If you can't make it downstairs to Fatburger for a 22oz-er, stick with room service at the Water Club. The half-pound sirloin cheddar-burger's topped with red pepper mayo and crispy onions, and it's on-call til 6a.

Most Romantic Room: The penthouse Rock Star suite at the Chelsea has a massive soaking tub for two in the bedroom. Order up a bottle of champagne (or whiskey), and dinner is served.

Hardest Partying Club: If you don't know how to get a party started beneath the massive video wall at HQ while world-class resident DJs like A-Trak, Calvin Harris, and Manufactured Superstars spin, just buy a table and a host will deliver a party... of girls... to you.

Best Beer Bar: There're 150 brews -- half of them Belgian -- behind the bar at the AC-offshoot of DC's Mussel Bar by Robert Wiedmaier (a few of which go into the mussels too.) One, the Antigoon, is brewed exclusively for this place, and's poured from a massive, Poseidon-topped tap."

And there's SO much more on the list!  Now, I have never considered myself to be "in the know," but I know a little something about something... and the only place that I've been to on this Thrill List is Mussel Bar.  A place that I love, like a deep, deep, obsession filled love.

I suppose I need to get out a little bit more and try these best of the best spots in AC!

Check out the whole list HERE!