, a website of all things fun to do and eat in a particular city, recently scanned Atlantic City for the best of the best.  Read on for the best places to be seen, eat and drink in AC!

According to Thrill List and author Adam Robb -

"Favorite Restaurant: American Cut. I just turn to the stage-lighted kitchen for the mohawked silhouette of my favorite Iron Chef vet and I know my steak's coming out charred perfectly black and blue. Plus, they serve the salty-sweetest onion rings outside of Tony Luke's, and, when I don't want candy bar pie for dessert, I just kick back a shot of their under-the-bar banana Jameson.

Best Burger: If you can't make it downstairs to Fatburger for a 22oz-er, stick with room service at the Water Club. The half-pound sirloin cheddar-burger's topped with red pepper mayo and crispy onions, and it's on-call til 6a.

Most Romantic Room: The penthouse Rock Star suite at the Chelsea has a massive soaking tub for two in the bedroom. Order up a bottle of champagne (or whiskey), and dinner is served.

Hardest Partying Club: If you don't know how to get a party started beneath the massive video wall at HQ while world-class resident DJs like A-Trak, Calvin Harris, and Manufactured Superstars spin, just buy a table and a host will deliver a party... of girls... to you.

Best Beer Bar: There're 150 brews -- half of them Belgian -- behind the bar at the AC-offshoot of DC's Mussel Bar by Robert Wiedmaier (a few of which go into the mussels too.) One, the Antigoon, is brewed exclusively for this place, and's poured from a massive, Poseidon-topped tap."

And there's SO much more on the list!  Now, I have never considered myself to be "in the know," but I know a little something about something... and the only place that I've been to on this Thrill List is Mussel Bar.  A place that I love, like a deep, deep, obsession filled love.

I suppose I need to get out a little bit more and try these best of the best spots in AC!

Check out the whole list HERE!