Halloween morning - Tomorrow - we're dropping a pumpkin, and somebody's going to win $1,000!

The Great Pumpkin Drop 2 is happening at Cornerstone Commerce Center on New Road, Route 9 in Linwood. It's right across the street from Mainland High School.

If all goes according to plan, just after 8:30am, a big crane will raise our pumpkin high in the air, then drop it onto the parking lot below. The pumpkin will be packed with 107 numbered Cat Balls.

The owner of the Cat Ball that comes closest to the actual target will win $1,000!

Below is a list of the Cat Ball winners. You do still have a chance to get a Cat Ball tomorrow morning at the event!

If you are a Cat Ball winner, you need to check in with our Cat Country staff Thursday morning beginning at 8am in the parking lot of Cornerstone Commerce Center in Linwood. It’s directly across Route 9 from Mainland High School.  Deadline to check in is 8:15am. If you don’t check in by 8:15am, we will give your Cat Ball to someone else. Please note the NUMBER of your Cat Ball below - it will speed up the check in process.

For this contest only, you may send someone (18 or older) in your place for you. They should check in and let our staff know they are holding your place. If your Cat Ball wins, you win the prize – not your substitute.

There are 2 more ways to get a Cat Ball that will happen at the event:

1. At 8am, we will award Cat Ball #107 in a Random Drawingto someone who signs up between 7 and 8am.

2. At 8:15am, we will give away any Cat Balls not claimed by their original owner. These will be given away on a first come, first serve basis to people who show up and sign up to win beginning at 7am. So, your best chance of winning one of the unclaimed Cat Balls is to show up as close to 7am as possible. We have no way of knowing how many unclaimed Cat Balls will be available until 8:15am.

Once the pumpkin is raised up by the crane, it will be dropped on the pavement below. Our designated station representative will determine which cat ball is closest to the target. His or her decision is final. No one will be permitted within the drop area until the contest is over, and a winner has been announced.

Cat Ball Owners (Must verify their ownership at event by 8:15am Thursday)

1.  Dan Morelli

2. Tammy Henry

3. Ben Garfinkle

4. George Tiesmeyer

5. Chris Staffieri

6. Robin Rakoczy

7. Shaun Churchill

8. Debbie Cotter

9. Robert McClain

10. Michael Parlapiano

11.  Austin Timpson

12. Ed Fennimore

13. Kevin Gannon

14. Tim Hoffman

15. Jamie Mihalecz

16. Misty McNulty

17. Marty Andrews

18. Adam Slack

19.  Winfield Allen

20. Michael Harris

21. Amy Shupp

22. Joann Budd

23. Mike Craver

24. Jeff Allen

25. Linda Anderson

26.Terry Freker

27. Crystal Richards

28. Mark Denny

29. Theresa Mason

30. Dineen Billingham

31. Nora Anderson

32. Pete Freemann

33. Mike Bishop

34. Jessica  Parker

35. Charles Thomas

36. Anna Bishop

37.Erin Hudson

38. Amanda Freker

39. Betty Anne Morgenweck

40. Bill Kita

41. Brittany Jones

42. Brenda Hopf

43. Betty Gilbert

44. Brett Robinson

45. Donna Haugen

46. Carol Evans

47. Christina Cruddas

48. Alice Ferrier

49. Francine Murphy

50. Jaci Connelly

51. Michael Snyder

52. Courtney Gatto

53. Helen Riley

54. Don Dilkes

55. Debbie Hunke

56. Donna Crossman

57. Dawn Gill

58. Donna Lieb

59. Edward Boggs

60. Edward Kolbe

61. Michelle Frederick

62. Rich Ferretti

63. Judi Hamilton

64. Karl Heffley

65. Katie Heuman

66. Holly Rosado

67. Bridget Haviland

68. Diane Miller

69. Jean Ayers

70. Debb Ranski

71. Sandi Cole

72. Jillian Hatch

73. Cathy Hesselgesser

74. Jen Knipe

75. Jennifer Merrifield

76. Kathy Huffard

77. Matt Kancy

78. Kayla Layton

79. Kimberly Forgach

80. Kim Pennigton

81. Kimberly Kay

82. Kyle Krauss

83. Laurie Hayden

84. Maria Lamey

85. Martin Pepek

86. Mary Frances Medolia

87.Maureen Baldwin

88. Karen Scott

89. Felonee Rhoads

90. James Newton

91. Penelope Costanzo

92. Pat Quinlan

93. Elaine Krauss

94. Ken Rouse

95. Chris Staffieri

96. Sharon Thomas

97. Steven Maimon

98. Stacy Supplee

99. Tom Haas

100. Alison Cozzolino

101. Tamara Pfeilmeier

102. Kathy Liepe

103. Lisa Maisa

104. Suzanne Knauff

105. Donna Kay

106. Michael Yoo