This Daily Dose of Good comes from Cathy Villanueva, who has had some hardship on her own. However, she has written to us on behalf of Joy Kimble from Mays Landing instead.

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Joy's daughter, Jilly, is a 10 year congenital heart defects warrior, and a stroke survivor who has fought many battles in her lifetime.  So far, Jilly has undergone 6 open heart surgeries. After her last open heart surgery in 2014, her family thought that was her last surgery for awhile!  Unfortunately this past week, Jilly's family received some devastating news:
Jilly has a huge aneurysm, so large that no surgery is known to repair something of it's size and location. However, she will need to undergo another open heart surgery, which could be fatal. In which case, her team of doctors will need to make up a repair that has never been done before in order to save Jilly's life.

The family and friends of "Silly Jilly" have created a Go-Fund-Me page to help the family and Jilly during this hard time. However, this campaign isn't necessarily for just medical fund alleviation, it's more so to give Jilly a wish of a lifetime before she faces her next battle.

Credit: Cathy Villanueva via

Jilly loves Mickey Mouse, and would love to go to Disneyworld in Florida! Due to Jilly's rising medical bills, her family will need some help funding this trip. Her projected date for the open heart surgery is in early June. In which case, Jilly's family will need to raise these funds quickly in order to give Jilly this wish. Any funds raised beyond the trip will be used towards Jilly's medical bills.

Cathy says, "[Joy and Jilly] are some special people in my life. I met Jilly and her mom while I was inpatient with my newborn son who was battling the same heart defect. My son unforunately passed away, but Jilly's mom has been a tremendous support for me. I want to be able to support and help give Jilly this trip of a lifetime." 

To friends, family, and even strangers who have helped raise over 3,000 dollars in just 6 days, CHEERS TO YOU! Let's keep doing great things together as a community to spread the #DailyDoseofGood

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