Atlantic City May Don Guardian has a lot of ideas and dreams for his city.

I love that. It's great to see someone in Atlantic City who truly cares about the city and its people.

Some dreams, though, are best left to stay dreams.

Specifically, I'm talking about the idea being floated about Atlantic City creating a plan to lure cruise ships to Atlantic City. Go back to sleep, Mayor.....

In a story in the Press of Atlantic City, writer Donald Wittkowski delves into the idea of cruise ships stopping in Atlantic City, and right away there are red flags up all over the place. Wittkowski writes that a prominent cruise industry analyst says Atlantic City shouldn't bother. Atlantic City is too close to established ports of New York City and Bayonne, New Jersey - and, only very small ships could be accommodated in Atlantic City.

The analyst quoted in the story also says, frankly, cruise passengers don't want to come to Atlantic City as a cruise destination. Being a veteran of about a dozen cruises... I agree! Cruise passengers want tropical places - easily accessible further down the east coast - in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Cruise passengers want year-round warmth and crystal clear water. Sure, cruises to New England and Canada work.... but Atlantic City isn't on the way to Canada from New York.....

Casinos? Ships already have `em!. Shows? Ships have `em!

THE CRDA (Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) is also getting involved in the idea - with money ready to hand out for a study.

I say, save your money and your effort. This idea is best left in dreamland.

Atlantic City is a wonderful place to visit - just not by cruise ship.

Now, how's that Atlantic City Monorail coming along?