Honey Boo Boo or Don Ho? Which Would You Choose?
In case you don't know, Honey Boo Boo is a child beauty pageant participant from rural Georgia and star of her own reality TV show.
In case you don't know it, Don Ho, was once an entertainer and the unofficial ambassador of Hawaii.
That Time My Parents Left Me
That's a photo of my parents, shortly after they were married. We just had a big party to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was just a heartwarming and wonderful event with lots of family and their friends.
Win A Bahamas Cruise in The Great Pumpkin Drop
Win a Bahamas Cruise from in 2.64 seconds! Yes you can -  in the Cat Country Great Pumpkin Drop!
The morning of Halloween, October 31st, the Cat Country Morning Show with me, Joe Kelly will be live at Walmart in Mays Landing...