New Years Eve has always been a time to reflect on the past and more importantly, look ahead to the new year. As we count down to Saturday night, what are some of New Jerseyans’ resolutions for 2012? What do you hope to change or improve upon in the new year? Will you quit smoking? Join the gym? Eat healthier?

“I want to go a little slower in the new year” said one man from Toms River.

“I really want a new job” said a man from Brick Township.

Breanna from Toms River said she could do better with her time management. “I need to stop procrastinating and get to work on time this year.”

Losing weight and staying healthy were the top resolutions for many folks.

“I want to go on a diet and lose a little weight” said Jack from Barnegat. “I can shed a few pounds” said Kelly from Forked River.

Smoking and drinking alcohol were some vices that people said they could do without in 2012.

“I could probably quit smoking” said one woman outside a store in Ocean County. “I could slow down on the drinking” said an elderly man from Brick.

The big question is, will you stick with your resolutions this year?

“I hope so, I am really going to try this year” said one woman with her two children. “I usually don’t stick with my resolution so I never make them” said another man.

Most people said they usually stay on track for about a month and forget all about the promise by February.

“I don’t think they are worth making because you’re only going to break them” said Carol Ann from Bayville.