If your workplace is like our workplace, you may have been experiencing a non-stop parade of homemade Christmas and holiday goodies over the past couple weeks.

Every day, we've been bombarded with cookies and sweets and treats in the kitchen here.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining -- I enjoy snacks just like everyone else does. However, I believe all of this food presents itself to a new opportunity:  I'm going to start judging the treats the same way judges on Food Network overly criticize what's made for them -- something like Iron Chef: Cat Country Kitchen (part of me wants to pretend to be Chef Gordon Ramsay and yell at my co-workers for dry cookies, but I don't think my boss would like that).

Today's treats in the kitchen: french toast from one of our sales people.  I believe this is the first time french toast has made an appearance here at work -- definitely an A+ for originality. Overall, quite tasty and a nice surprise.

Another co-worker brought in, what was described as, Kandy Kakes in the e-mail blast. I instantly thought Tastykakes(!) and ran down the hall to grab 40 or 50. Turns out, they were homemade and "Kandy Kake"-like. Not bad, overall, but nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykake. Later today, I'll get a dirty look from this co-worker after she reads this.  :-)

It's at this time I should mention that I, personally, have never brought in anything to share -- but that's not stopping me from judging. And I should also note that I'm being overly sarcastic and mildly funny. We're all over-sugared here at the station and many of us have gained at least ten pounds in the past eight days.

Also on the table today, a so-far unopened box of candy. Someone here doesn't realize the level of culinary expertise we're dealing with at Iron Chef: Cat Country Kitchen. A box of chocolate is like heating-up a can of soup and serving it to Bobby Flay. Enjoyable, yes -- but it doesn't match-up to the french toast sitting next to it.

So, overall today, not a bad day in the Cat Country Kitchen. There are two more days remaining where food is likely to magically appear at work... at least for this month.