As mysterious as it sat for weeks on end, the bicycle chained to a guardrail on the Ocean City - Somers Point Bridge has disappeared.

I wrote last week that the bike was chained to near the Ocean City Welcome Center on the Route 52 Causeway.

I regularly walk the bridge and have noticed it for several weeks, chained and unmoved. The bike was always there, no matter the time of day, no matter the weather.

The last time I saw the bike was early Sunday. (I snapped the above photo Sunday.) Yesterday afternoon, the bike was gone.

Where it came from and where it's gone are now both mysteries - at least to me. Now, I'm wondering if the legal owner has taken the bike, or Ocean City authorities confiscated it, or maybe, someone read my previous story, showed up with some bolt cutters and took home a pretty nice ride.

Please, is you know anything about the mystery of the bike, let me in on it. I have to know!