We're going to get a big a** pumpkin, put it on a crane, lift it real high, then drop it!

That was the idea last year, and despite Mother Nature's wrath, it worked pretty good! So, we're doing it again!

The Great Pumpkin Drop 2 will happen on the morning of Halloween, October 31st, at Cornerstone Commerce Center, on Route 9 in Linwood.

We'll fill a huge pumpkin with 107 numbered Cat Balls, then our friends from Garton's Rigging in Vineland will lift the pumpkin high in air. The pumpkin will be dropped, smashing on the ground, sending the Cat Balls scurrying every which way. The owner of the Cat Ball nearest our target on the ground will win $1,000!

There are three ways to win one of the numbered Cat Balls:

2. Listen to Cat Country Monday - Friday for the cue to call in and win one

3. Show up at an upcoming Cat Ball Event to claim your Cat Ball.

Once you've won a Cat Ball, come to the Cat Ball Drop 2 at Cornerstone Commerce Center in Linwood Halloween morning by 8am and check in. Anyone not checking in by 8:10am will lose their ownership claim on the Cat Ball - and we will draw from listeners present to reassign that Cat Ball. So, really, there are FOUR ways to win.

Repeating, once you've won ownership of a Cat Ball, you must be present at the Cat Ball Drop 2 and check in with out representatives - or you cannot win. PLEASE NOTE: For this contest, we do allow you to send someone in your place to "hold ownership" of your Cat Ball. This person must be 18 years of age or older. If your Cat Ball is determined to be the winning Cat Ball, YOU win the prize, not the person serving as your proxy.

A big thank you to Spotless Demolition - they will be cleaning up after our mess.