No matter how different the North and the South are, we all share one thing in common: People from New Jersey, LOVE New Jersey!

In which case, what homegrown New Jerseyan wouldn't love a New Jersey shaped gift this holiday season?

Here are some last minute Jersey-shaped gift ideas you can throw into the mix:

  • Credit: Silicone Gamer via Etsy
    Credit: Silicone Gamer via Etsy

    Cookie Cutter

    Who says Santa's christmas cookies have to be traditionally round?! I'm sure he could use a reminder where he is in the world anyway...

    Etsy is a great place to find a more personalized gift for the holidays! If you're interested, the reviews on this cookie cutter say that it ships fast and is great quality!


  • Credit: ShopCornhole via Etsy
    Credit: ShopCornhole via Etsy


    It's never to early to start thinking about summer! Even at that, corn hole is a great game you could play year round too! So why not make it Jersey shaped.

  • Credit: AestheticWood via Etsy
    Credit: AestheticWood via Etsy

    Cutting Board

    Thankfully we're blessed with a pretty smooth state around the edges... It may not be the biggest, but it gives ya enough room to get the job done when you're cutting your christmas hor d'oeuvres!

  • Credit: MyStateShop via Etsy
    Credit: MyStateShop via Etsy


    Or what about a Christmas tradition--an ornament! To never forget where you come from or where you've been <3

  • Credit: HomeStateApparel via Etsy
    Credit: HomeStateApparel via Etsy

    Key Chain

    This cute little thing is a great stocking stuffer! Or even a simple $7 gift to get that person at work without having to spend too much on them...

  • Credit: Five Chosen Stones via Easy
    Credit: Five Chosen Stones via Easy


    Ok I know the picture doesn't look like New Jersey...but it's there if you look closely! This company will customize coasters for any state you choose!

  • Credit: MonogramNecklace2014 via Etsy
    Credit: MonogramNecklace2014 via Etsy


    I LOVE this...I see them on the Ocean City boardwalk all the time but if you're searching for something last minute, this company makes a beautiful Rose Gold New Jersey shaped necklace to wear close to your heart for the holidays, no matter how far from home you are!

  • Credit: HomeWetBar via Etsy
    Credit: HomeWetBar via Etsy

    Beer Cap Map

    How cool is this idea for dad... he can buy a beer in different parts of Jersey and put it on his New Jersey Beer Cap Map in the man cave!

  • Credit: IronMadeArt via Etsy
    Credit: IronMadeArt via Etsy

    Bottle Opener

    And speaking of beer....he may need this too. And it ships in 3 business days so, go go go!

  • Credit: AvantGardeDesign via Etsy
    Credit: AvantGardeDesign via Etsy


    Since boys are the hardest to shop for, this is another idea for ya! Spruce up his christmas attire with some very stylish NJ cufflinks that ship in 1-2 business days! So if you're super last minute (like me) get to it!

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