All places have some quirks, right? Isn't that what makes some of them what they are? NJ is no exception...

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You always hear about those weird ordinances that sometimes exist in little towns like the one made famous by the movie 'Footloose'. Yes, that was based on a real town in which it was illegal to dance.

Turns out, weird laws like that don't just exist in mid-western based Kevin Bacon movies. Nope.. even in NJ, we have some pretty odd laws that make absolutely no sense as to why they even are a thing in the first place.

Honestly, there's no point to even try to understand why the following bunch of laws were even put into effect. At this point, it's probably best just to laugh it off and go along with it. After all, some of them are pretty self-explanatory. Still, you have to wonder why some of the laws included on the list even had to be spelled out to people in the first place.


1) No Vanity License Plates

....if you've been convicted of drunk driving.

So, you know those custom license plates that people have that say something like ILUVMOM or some personal message like that? Yeah, well if you've gotten busted for driving under the influence, you're no longer permitted to get a personalized license plate in the state of NJ.

Radist/Getty Images/Canva

2) Illegal Soup Slurping

If you hail from the Garden State, make sure you're proper about your soup consumption habits. Nope, we're not making this up....

It is, in fact, illegal in the state of NJ to slurp your soup. No word yet on the laws about slurping spaghetti....

vuk8691/Getty Images Signature/Canva
vuk8691/Getty Images Signature/Canva

3) No Smoking or Drinking For Zoo Animals!

Have you ever seen a chimpanzee smoke a cigar? And you won't in Manville, NJ. You won't see one drinking a beer, either.

The law literally says it's illegal to give zoo animals tobacco or alcohol.


So happy there's a law to prevent people from doing such a thing.... Sad part is, laws exist for a reason, so somewhere someone at some point made a habit of this.



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