Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Jersey!

It's a day on which we're all supposed to celebrate the most popular cookie flavor of all time. You'd probably be hard pressed to find someone who has never tried one. Chocolate Chip cookies are some of the most comforting dessert foods to ever exist. Is there anything better than a fresh hot batch of chocolate cookies on a cold night? Actually, they're good any time of year, really.

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I'm not a huge sweets person. They say that you either prefer salty to sweet or sweet to salty, and I have to say, I'm definitely the former. Still, I am human, after all, so there are some sweet treats I just cannot say "no" to. Ice cream and chocolate chip cookies will never be denied a trip to my tummy.

So, when I found out that we'd be celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie day this week, I had to go on the hunt for what I thought would be the best place to get one. I didn't have to look too long.

Have you ever heard of Crazy Susan's Cookies in Ocean City? Believe it or not, the place was actually featured on the Food Network! When I heard that, I knew I had to check out what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, Crazy Susan's Cookies is a pretty big deal. In fact, if you're wanting to go all out for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Susan and the family have six different spins on the traditional recipe that you can try.

Source: CrazySusansCookies.com

6 Delicious Cookies To Try In Ocean City For National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

An Ocean City bakery featured on the Food Network, Crazy Susan's Cookies, offers six different versions of the traditional chocolate chip cookie on her menu.

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