How long has it been since you've sat down in your thinking chair to "think, think, think"?

If that line sparked some sort of memory for you, but you're not sure what it's from, it's a line from the famous song that used to wrap up every episode of Blue's Clues on Nick Jr. No doubt, most 90s kids and their parents are more than familiar with the show that included Blue the puppy and her human, Steve, as he tried to figure out what Blue was trying to say by interpreting the three clues she would leave throughout Steve's little property.

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With the help of friends like Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Shovel and Pail, and Blue's best doggy friend Magenta, kids would go on an adventure throughout Blue's house and backyard to help Steve figure out Blue's mystery. One day, Steve went off to college and left us with his brother, Joe. Once the show got to that point, however, most of us were too old to continue to watch. However, the memory of Steve and Blue will forever be engrained within us 90s kids as a special part of our childhood.

In celebration of the show's 25th anniversary, Steve has returned to social media with a special message for all of the original viewers of the show from when it first aired on Nickelodeon's channel with designated programming for preschool-aged kids, Nick Jr. Steve is featured in a video in which he thanks OG viewers for getting him to where he is now and shares the hopes that we've all done well for ourselves.

If you're part of the demographic that was a part of the original Blue's Clues phenomenon; there's a huge chance Steve's message will bring a tear (or 20) to your eye. Grab the tissues.

We're not crying; you're crying!

Anyone else SHOCKED that the show is 25 years old? Time sure does fly, doesn't it? We'll always love ya, Steve! Xoxo -90s kids.

Source: Facebook

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