Just in time for Throwback Thursday!

Rocko's Modern Life, a famous and beloved cartoon from the early 90s is set to make its comeback next month. Originally aired on Nickelodeon, Rocko the Aussie wallaby and his friends will return to our television and our hearts thanks to Netflix. Rocko's Modern Life spanned a total of 52 episodes on the famed kids network from 1993-1996. Talks of a film have been circulating the internet for years now, but it's finally been confirmed and fans couldn't be more excited.

Judging by the comments from Netflix's Facebook announcement, it's been a long time coming:

Fans are now calling for reboots (or at least free streaming options) of other classic Nickelodeon shows like The Adventures of Pete and Pete and Are You Afraid of The Dark?. If Netflix was aiming for childhood nostalgia at its finest, that's definitely what they've sparked.

Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling debuts on Netflix August 9th!

Source: Facebook

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