I can already hear it in my head: one of the best opening theme songs to ever grace children's TV programming.

"Oh, aaah aaaah aaaahhh aaaaahhhh..


If you grew up in the 90s, then Saturday night meant having friends over, plopping on the couch with some junk food, and watching the brand new All That episode.

You couldn't beat it. All That was the pre-teen's answer to SNL and boy, was it funny.... for kids, that is. Hearts broke everywhere when the show was cancelled. What were you to watch on the Saturday nights that you didn't have plans??

Variety.com has shared that an All That revival is in the works with former cast member and now SNL veteran Kenan Thompson serving as Executive Producer. Hopefully, this will mean the return of some beloved sketches like "Ask Ashley", "Walter the Earboy", and maybe even, dare I say it, "Good Burger"?

Thompson says there WILL BE a cast revival! Nickelodeon will, of course, launch the show with new kids, but some old cast members will be back for something they've got cooking that will stir up all the feelings of nostalgia for former viewers.

Can't wait!

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