It's safe to say that it's a bad Monday to be an Eagles fan.

With the Birds' loss to the Seahawks last night, that's a wrap on the 2019 Eagles football season. So many of our first string players were out; to watch the second-string of players step up and play the way they did was, admittedly, pretty awesome to witness.

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Instead of wallowing in the Eagles's loss, there are actually a few facts that are comforting to all those who call themselves Eagles fans this morning.

1) The Cowboys are out.
It's not just the Birds who are done for the season; our arch-rivals from Dallas are out too, so... YAY!

2) The Patriots are done.
Read that again....


Of course, by now this isn't news to you if you've been keeping up with the games this weekend. Still, the thought of knowing that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady won't score another ring this year is far from rubbing salt in the wounds left behind by the Eagles' defeat.

Honestly, it could probably even be said for every NFL fan that's not a fan of New England that if we can't have our home team take home the ring and the trip to Disney World, just let it be anyone other than the Patriots.

This year, we got our wish! As shocking as that fact is....

What makes it even sweeter? The loss set to the 'Titanic' soundtrack.



You're not supposed to relish someone else's defeat, but watching the Patriots bow out while Celine Dion croons about her heart; there's just something so comforting about watching that unfold.

Until next season....

Source: Twitter

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