It's a big story in and around the southern part of the Garden State right now. Workers over at Atlantic City Electric have chosen to strike after not being able to come to terms in an agreement with the company regarding a new contract.

Multiple sources across the region have reported that the contract formerly in effect did in fact expire on November 2, 2023. That means it was back to the table for negotiations for the members of local IBEW 210 union and Atlantic City Electric. Unfortunately, an agreement that made everyone happy has not yet been reached, so the union has chosen to strike.

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Naturally, this has left residents of southern New Jersey nervous regarding the quality of customer service should any emergencies arise. Nobody wants to be without power and unable to get a hold of somebody at their own electric company. What is AC Electric's plan?

Luckily, they do have one.

They released a statement assuring all of their customers that there are enough people still working to ensure service will resume as normal. According to the statement issued on their website, should any emergencies occur, there are enough people still on call that can deal with any emergency in a timely and orderly fashion.

Hopefully, all parties can come to an agreement sooner rather than later. Nobody wants to find out what will happen should an emergency occur. Let's just hope they can draft a new contract that everybody is happy with before the temperatures drop even more.


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