Maybe we've been going about it all wrong here.

(*NOTE: This article takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the homeless problem in America. Make no mistake, the homeless problem is severe in this country and in our own backyard. This article points out the bizarreness of Denver's homeless situation. If you're not keen on humor, maybe this article isn't for you. If you're interested in helping the homeless in Atlantic City today, please consider making a donation to our friends at the Atlantic City Rescue Misson. We think they do a great job.)

Atlantic City's homeless population appears to continue to grow. It's very sad what is happening.

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In Denver, Colorado, homeless people have taken it upon themselves to create their own homeless community, complete with things that may not always gel with how the general community tries to help the homeless.

The New York Post

A pop-up bar is pretty self-explanatory. Prostitution tents are rentable tents for ---- well, you can guess.

Hey, the homeless have vices too!

Maybe Atlantic City needs to approach the homeless problem, well, differently, like Denver has. Maybe we need to stop trying to help the homeless and let them help themselves!

Some say the pop-up bars and prostitution tents may actually make the homeless problem worse - but who are they to decide that?  Maybe their new revenue streams can help all of us once they start paying taxes.

Maybe I should run for President!

SOURCE: New York Post

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