The rare, lifetime opportunity presented many learning experiences....for some. But for me, I got a totally different outcome from yesterday's rock-star realignment.

(see what I did there? ;)

The one thing that I got out of yesterday's Solar Eclipse is: A HEADACHE!!!!!!!

No, I didn't "look up at the sun". I did everything right:

  • I took my dog on a walk to the boardwalk
  • Some kind stranger saw me trying to take a picture on selfie mode from my phone, and offered me her cool eclipse glasses
  • I looked into the glasses for like 2 minutes
  • realized I was basically looking at a crescent moon
  • realized that we weren't going to hit the "path of totally"
  • experienced like .2% of darkness
  • walked back home

So realistically, nothing out of my day was unordinary. I did exactly what I do every day. But when I got back home. I drank some water and realized I had a SCREAMING headache.

Like what the heck? Did this happen to anyone else?

They always say a full moon messes with hormones--especially for ladies.
So is this sort of the same deal?

And this morning I STILL have a headache! Did the eclipse curse me with infinite migraine?!

SOS-- I need answers!

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