We know that you like the Cat Country Morning Trivia Contest on Cat Country, heard at about 7:35 each morning.

We know that you like to hear the question. We also know you like to hear the answer!

So, thanks to your input, we proudly announce the 7 minute guarantee!

If we don't get a winner in 7 minutes, we will give you the answer!

So many people tell us that during those times we don't get a winner for "a long time", they some time have to miss the answer, because, well, life happens!

We realize your time is precious, so we vow to get you in and out of trivia in 7 minutes or less!

We appreciate all the time you spend listening to Cat Country 107.3, but we understand that you've gotta move in the morning!

The new 7 minute guarantee is in effect immediately! Please, if we don't adhere to it, call us on it!

Thanks for listening to Cat Country 107.3!

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