We're Joe and Rachel from the Cat Country Morning Show. Sometimes we don't see eye to eye on everything.

You see, Rachel is younger and Joe is... well, older.

Joe has come up with some fairly common words and phrases that he simply doesn't understand. It's up to Rachel to provide some insight.

1. "We Got This!"

Joe: I hate this phrase. What's the point?

Rachel: It's a phrase of encouragement! Like if you and I were put to the test (ie. playing on the same team for a softball game or something) it's as simple as saying "we can do it". But instead, we got this. We got this game in the bag. Get it?


2. "I Can't Even!"

Joe: You can't even what? Can't you speak in a complete sentence?

Rachel: Like I literally can't... You just can't deal. You can't handle the current situation.


3. "Merica."

Joe: Do you mean "America"? What are you saving by not pronouncing ONE SYLLABLE?

Rachel: TBH I don't know one millennial that says this...It's not a generational thing, I think it's an accent/articulation thing LOL. People with the southern draw usually say "Murica"


4. "Bye Felicia!"

Joe: Who's Felicia and where is she going?

Rachel: Yeah this one kinda annoys me too at time. But it's also a less aggressive way of saying "get the heck out of my face". It's the verbal equivalent of putting your hand up in someones face to shut them up.


5. "Pics or it Didn't Happen!"

Joe: What do you have to have a picture of everything?  When I was your age, we didn't take picture of anything. It's called HIDE THE EVIDENCE!

Rachel: It's called MAKING MEMORIES. Like did you really even go to the gym if you didn't snap chat it to let everyone know you went to the gym? Or like how can you tell everyone about the amazing dinner you got without showing them a picture of it? Which then guides us to the new phrase "phone eats first"....


6. "I'm Not Crying, You're Crying!"

Joe: Nope. Clearly you're the one crying. What's wrong?

Rachel: That's the irony! It's like saying "I'm fine, everything's fine" when clearly... It's not fine if your sobbing into a bucket. It's just funny.


7. "Cash Me Outside!"

Joe: I don't get this one at all....

Rachel: Because the girl that created the phrase is illiterate.... I hate that such a brat coined this phrase. I guess it's the new "let's take this outside" in the midst of a fight.


8. "Bae."

Joe: This is what you call your boyfriend, right? Why?

Rachel: It's an acronym. "B.A.E." means "before anyone else" -- like your #1 aka your significant other! A lot of people think it's just short for babe or baby, but it's actually semi-intellectual.


9. "FOMO."

Joe: OK... This one is "fear of missing out." I get it. I guess.

Rachel: Exactly. It's a real condition.


10. "Netflix and Chill."

Joe: Let me be frank: Does this mean sex?

Rachel: Yes. Yes it does.

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