Equal parts sharp wit and country greatness, Ashley McBryde has established herself as one of the genre's most exciting up-and-comers. Behind the woman, a band of four also-hilarious dudes helps create McBryde's bluesy, rock-tinged sound.

"When I lived in Memphis, you can’t keep the blues and rock from seeping into your bones. We came up with this kind of interesting sound, and we play together the way that we feel about each other," McBryde says. "We’re always in awe of each other. It’s really cool to watch a band that truly enjoys every second."

Comprised of bassist Chris Sancho, guitarist and mandolin player Chris Harris, drummer Quinn Hill and guitarist Andrew Sovine, McBryde's band goes by the name of Deadhorse. The Boot recently got a chance to speak with McBryde, and she offered up a unique introduction of each member. Trust us when we say, you're going to want to get to know them.

Chris Sancho, Bass

Chris Sancho is the newest member of McBryde's band. He joined in July of 2017.

"After losing our bass player, we were using a few different substitutes," McBryde says. "But the band got down on one knee on July 4 and asked Chris to be our permanent bassist."

According to McBryde, Sancho brings his obsession with Motown tunes to add a soulful hint to her songs.

Quinn Hill, Drums

Hill joined McBryde's band five years ago, at the age of 19. McBryde learned of his drum skills through a mutual friend, and invited him to come to Nashville to play a couple of shows as an audition of sorts.

"We had to lie a little bit to get him into the bars. But it’s fine because Quinn doesn’t drink or smoke or anything," she says. "After he played with us, I asked him if he had any interest in traveling all over the place with us for very little money, working all the time and performing a bunch of songs that I made up. His response was just 'Dope.' He’s 24 now and been with me for almost five years now."

Andrew Sovine, Guitar

With McBryde for eight years, Sovine didn't exactly make a great first impression with the rest of her band: "Andrew showed up to rehearse with us in a pair of Liberty overalls, a white T-shirt, and a Pabst Blue Ribbon cap that looked like it was stolen off of somebody’s dead uncle," she recalls.

"He was in a punk band before coming to play with us, and he can be crass. He can be a jerk. I asked the band what they thought, and they said, 'What an a--hole,'" McBryde adds. "But that’s exactly what you want in a lead guitar player. That guy’s not afraid to make a mistake. When you take your seatbelt off, that’s when you make really good music."

Chris Harris, Guitar and Mandolin

Harris is a longtime songwriting partner of McBryde's, having worked with her for the past six or seven years. In addition to playing mandolin and acoustic guitar on Girl Going Nowhere, Harris also lends his voice to the record.

"When it came time to do the harmonies, Jay [Joyce, McBryde’s producer] insisted that I had to record my own harmonies," she says. "I said no, and told him that we had to get Chris, [because] he’s got the best voice in Nashville. After hearing him, Jay quickly decided that we had to have Chris on these songs."

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