Who doesn't love a good burger?

Summer at the Jersey Shore is a perfect time for grilling a burger, but did you know one of the country's very best burgers is located right here in Atlantic County?

The staff at Tasting Table, which included their writers and editors, shared their picks for the absolute best burgers across America and one local burger made the cut.

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The BBQ burger at Chickie's & Pete's, which you can order at both the Egg Harbor Twp. and Atlantic City locations.

Absolutely loaded with barbecue sauce, American cheese, bacon, and fried onions, the BBQ burger hits the spot every time. It has the perfect ratios of crunch from the bacon and fried onions, to the smokey flavors of the actual burger (cooked to your preference) and the BBQ sauce. If you want to amp up the flavor even more, you can always toss a few crab fries on top of the burger for the ultimate flavor-bursting bite. Pair that with a cold drink and the latest game, and you're set for the perfect night.

The BBQ burger features crispy bacon, fried onions, smokey barbecue sauce, and American cheese on a signature brioche roll.

When people think of Chickie's & Pete's, people think of crab fries, but add the BBQ burger to the list of things you need to try when you stop in.

Chickie's & Pete's is located in EHT at 6055 Blackhorse Pike and the Atlantic City location is inside the Tropicana at 2831 Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

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