This is a time-lapse video of Earth, taken from International Space Station expeditions 28 and 29 from August to October of this year, with a super-sensitive high definition TV camera (no, you can't buy one for Christmas).

If you look carefully enough, you may be able to see short glimpses of lightning flashes from thunderstorms and if you really have a lot of time to waste at work, you may be able to figure out the location of some major cities based on the light polution (the video may or may not be oriented north-south or east-west). In the screen capture at the top of this blog, Chicago is just to the left of center (the large dark area is Lake Michigan), some thunderstorms (with lightning flashes) are across the middle part of the country, and the major cities of the northeast are off in the distance.

While this is a time-lapse video, the International Space Station was traveling at its normal speed of 17,000 MPH while filming this footage.


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