I write a lot about area business closings.

Trust me when I tell you that it brings me no joy.

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Nine times out of ten, these establishments were adored by the community and had become mainstays.

It's said that the hardest businesses to launch and keep successful are restaurants and eateries.

I tend to agree given how many I end up telling you about.

For example, one of the restaurant closings that absolutely shocked me and I think the Jersey Shore as a whole is Langosta Lounge.

The place was packed all of the time, so no one saw it coming.

It turns out that there was just a transfer of ownership and that Langosta will live on, but not after a redo.

There are always real people behind any business that shuts down. This includes the big box stores.

Bed Bath & Beyond Closes Stores In Effort To Stave Off Bankruptcy
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I feel especially bad, though, for the local mom and pops that call it quits.

Not only are these real people, but they're often your neighbors or even friends.

Most of us are creatures of habit, especially in the morning.

When we find our spot for coffee and a quick bite, we stick to it.


A Jersey Shore establishment that recently shut its doors for good had such a following that there was a crowd inside and outside on the last day of business Sunday, February 12.

Belmar Bagels
Belmar Bagels

Belmar Bagels in the Belmar Plaza is no more.

I've visited Belmar Bagels many times. Their bagels were always perfect because they kettle-boiled them.

Breakfast, lunch, or whatever, the food was always top-notch.

A big thank you to Belmar Bagels for all the good eats over the years.

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