Here in South Jersey, we love our food. We just do it better. Whether it's pizza, pasta (or Italian food in general), you name it! If it's made in South Jersey, it's probably delicious. You won't find bread that's any better anywhere else in the country. Sorry, but facts are facts.

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We especially LOVE our breakfast food. Pork roll, scrapple, and of course, BAGELS. There's nothing better than a fresh bagel with cream cheese, am I right? Delish just took the regular bagel with cream cheese up a notch with this masterpiece. Check it out:

Delish via Facebook

Simple ingredients, about 20 minutes of prep from beginning to end, and easily modified with vegetarian/vegan substitutes? Sounds perfect.

Am I the only one that would totally serve this as a dinner party appetizer? I mean, people LOVE Bagel Bites at any time of the day, right? This would TOTALLY work as an app. Eat too many and you may not even have any room for dinner anyway, to be honest.

Here in Jersey, we're pretty serious about our bagels, so one like this that could technically be enjoyed at all hours of the day seems hit every single checkmark. Bottom line, sign us up. We're in.

Source: Facebook

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