The 67th Emmy's were live from Los Angeles last night and your favorite TV actors came out to strut their stuff!  Some strutted better than others...


  • 1

    BEST DRESSED - Lady Gaga

    Lady Gage looked STUNNING last night on the red carpet!

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  • 2

    BEST DRESSED - January Jones

    I am loving this emerald green jumpsuit!  I could never pull it off, but I love the look!

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  • 3

    BEST DRESSED - Julia Louis Dreyfus

    I believe that this is the best Julia Louis Dreyfus has ever looked!  Stunning!

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  • 4

    BEST DRESSED - Taraji P. Henson

    I love her attitude and this beautiful dress!  The two go hand in hand!

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  • 5

    BEST DRESSED - Aubrey Plaza

    Probably my favorite look from last night!  Aubrey Plaza's look is so uncomplicated, yet beautiful.

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  • 6

    WORST DRESSED - Julianne Hough

    The sheer skirt is all the rage right now, but the top of this dress makes it way too complicated.

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  • 7

    WORST DRESSED - Christina Hendricks

    Christina Hendricks has such a va va voom figure, but this dress was not flattering for it....

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  • 8

    WORST DRESSED - Heidi Klum

    Just no.

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  • 9

    WORST DRESSED - Laura Prepon

    I want to like this look, but I just can't.  Maybe without the thing over her shoulders??

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  • 10

    WORST DRESSED - Kerry Washington

    She landed on a lot of BEST DRESSED lists, but I did not like Kerry Washington's dress last night.  Call me crazy, but I hate shoulder pads...

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