As a celebrity coach on NBC’s hit show ‘The Voice,’ Blake Shelton spends most of his time sitting alongside his fellow coaches in his futuristic-looking red swivel chair that has become such an integral part of the show. But next week, the laid-back country coach will be taking a break from his chair-warming duties to join his four remaining team members onstage. Though Shelton has a slight advantage over his team members (he can’t get voted off), he will be stepping into their shoes Monday night (April 16) for a joint performance.

Fellow coach Christina Aguilera will also be taking the stage with her top four Monday night. And while we don’t yet know what song either coach will choose to bring to ‘The Voice’ stage, we’re excited to see what they whip up and how they incorporate their teams.

As of this week, Team Blake has country sweetheart RaeLynn, former Alicia Keys background vocalist Jermaine Paul, femme rocker Jordis Unga and powerhouse vocalist Erin Willett. After the whole team performs with Shelton, they’ll each get a turn to sing a song on their own in hopes that America will vote for them and keep them in the running.

Last week, after an online critic attacked 17-year-old RaeLynn in a review, papa bear Shelton came back with a few choice words of his own in defense of his young country starlet. “I wish all I had to do in life was lay around on my big a– judging the people who try while eatin’ extra movie theatre butter pop-secret…” he said.

Needless to say, Shelton is loyal to his team to the end, and we’re guessing that fun-loving chemistry will come out in next week’s group performance.

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