North Jersey must be pretty excited right now.

In case you haven't heard the news, the folks up in the northern most part of the Garden State are about to have access to the delectable southern fast food sensation known as Bojangles. If you've never had the ability to stop at one of their fine establishments, let me fill you in on what they're known for.

There are three things that are a must-try when ordering from Bojangles: fried chicken, anything from their breakfast menu, and their super-famous Bo Berry Biscuits.

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My brother used to live in North Carolina. He was there for about fifteen years and I would visit all the time growing up. I became a regular at Bojangles during the weeks I would spend down there around the holidays and during the summers. I even love the Bo Berry Biscuits so much that I would order a dozen before I left to bring home with me.

When I saw that New Jersey was about to be graced with Bojangles as yet another fast food option, I was stoked. Then, I saw that only North Jersey would be getting blessed with the fried chicken and Bo Berry deliciousness.

What's the deal, Bojangles??

I promise you this, if you don't think a few locations wouldn't bring in any bacon down here in the southern region of the Garden State, you're out of your mind!! Since the North Jersey locations are already a sure thing, I guess all of us South Jersey residents don't have a choice but to accept it.

Still, if you're wondering whether or not you'd be accepted down here, that answer is YES!!


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