After being stolen last year, burial flag flies again in North Wildwood.

Patrick Cocoran was 19 when he died while serving in the Navy in 1969. 74 Navy seaman died when their ship collided with an Australian aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War in the South China Sea. Unfortunately, his body was never found.

His family flew the burial flag that was over his empty casket once a year for Memorial Day Weekend. Last year they flew the flag for July 4th due to weather. It was stolen last year on July 4th.

It was returned 8 days later by a woman who dropped it on the family's porch and ran back into a car.

Yesterday, Sunday May 28th, the flag was flown again in honor of Patrick, the 73 other Navy seamen lost that same day, and all of the men and women who died protecting our country. Dozens showed up to the North Wildwood home to watch as the flag was hoisted up the flag pole.


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