I'm a girl that loves to go fast. I''ll be the first to admit it, I have a bit of a heavy foot when I'm behind the wheel. I have to pump the breaks a lot more often than I'm comfortable admitting. Who doesn't love a good joyride?

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Survey shows the specific vehicles known for getting speeding tickets

I drive a Honda. When it comes to fast cars, your first thought is likely not a Handa Accord sedan. Still, that hasn't stopped me from going a few miles over the speed limit every now and then. I'm from New Jersey; what do you want from me? It's in my nature.

Speeding on New Jersey roadways is basically a requirement for becoming a resident. There's nothing New Jersey residents hate more than somebody going slow in the left lane. Your place is camped out in the right lane, sleepy driver! Move out of the way!


5 cars issued the most speeding tickets

Studies show that you're more likely to be issued a speeding ticket if you drive one of five specific vehicles. Of course, there are always exceptions. Not EVERYBODY that drives one of these cars will have to deal with fines due to a heavy foot. In fact, with inflation the way it is right now, it's likely most people are doing all they can to avoid unexpected bills like that.

While speeding is common, drivers of certain car brands seem to be guilty of this traffic offense more often than others. To identify the car brands with the most speeding tickets, the data science team at Insurify turned to their database of more than 4.6 million car insurance applications.


  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Volkswagen
  • Scion

The car issued the most speeding tickets:

White Infiniti car
Photo by Sean Selbo on Unsplash

If you drive an Infiniti, you might want to make sure you're maintaining your speed out there on New Jersey's roadways. 8.7% of that specific brand's drivers get issued tickets for speeding.

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