Here's a tip to anyone planning some criminal activity in the near future: There are cameras EVERYWHERE. If you do something bad, someone will catch you on video, share it with police, and then we will share it in this space.

Here's a prime example:

Millville Police Department
Millville Police Department

The man pictured here, according to Millville Police, allegedly entered a local store and walked out with a cash drawer from a register. That's a no-no in most places.

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Police had this to say:

"The individual pictured (above) seems to have taken the term "please take your change" too literal and walked off with the register tray.

And look: he was caught on video. Duh!

Police are asking anyone with information on the case contact Millville Police. You can call 856-825-7010, or reach police via Facebook. They say anyone who makes a report can remain anonymous.

SOURCE: Millville Police Department.

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