👀 Big Brother is watching us.

👀 Artificial Intelligence has come a long way over the last year

👀 AI can even describe South Jersey & its people pretty well

It's a scary thought, isn't it? Artificial Intelligence becoming as smart as the human race? Okay, so that's taking AI technology down the route of something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Still, it's pretty wild to think about how far AI has come over the last few years.

ChatGPT is the tool most popular at the moment in the AI world. It really can be a nifty research tool for a variety of projects. That is, until it starts to get creepy.

Artificial Intelligence can accurately describe YOU

You can ask ChatGPT a multitude of questions and it should spit back some pretty spot-on answers. That's what's so terrifying. We asked it to describe the typical South Jersey resident. The results are SHOCKING, to say the least.

ChatGPT describes NJ residents

When asked to describe a woman from South Jersey, here's what it said:

Sarah's accent carries a subtle blend of the region's influences, reflecting her South Jersey roots. She effortlessly switches between local expressions like "down the shore" for heading to the beach or "Wawa run" for a quick trip to the convenience store.
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South Jersey hobbies suggested by AI

What's even more wild is the fact that AI can even identify local South Jersey landmarks.

Sarah's weekends are often filled with outdoor adventures, whether she's kayaking along the Mullica River or hiking through the trails of Wharton State Forest. She's also a regular at community events and farmers' markets, supporting local businesses and artisans.

AI describes the spirit of South Jersey

It really does capture the heart of South Jersey, though.

In essence, Sarah embodies the spirit of South Jersey: resilient, compassionate, and deeply connected to her roots. With her warm heart and unwavering determination, she's a true reflection of the strength and beauty of her beloved hometown.

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