Great advertising make you feel something.

So often, advertisers fall short of the mark.

How many times have you watched a TV commercial and you felt nothing. Afterwards you didn't even know what exactly was being advertised.

New Chevrolet Christmas commercial

Someone who works for Chevrolet - or one of it's ad agencies - has hit one out of the park.

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Often in car commercials --- well, actually, in EVERY car commercial, we're treated to the sights and sounds of the newest, best car.

This new commercial doesn't show a new car - quite the opposite. It's an old Chevrolet that helps the story being told.

Now, the commercial is over 5 minutes long, so you won't be seeing it on TV. But, it's made it's way to social media, and it's our pleasure to share it with you

New Chevrolet commercial sparks emotion

Grab a tissue, you're going to need it.

Wow. Powerful. Well done, Chevrolet!

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