It's cold out there, Jersey!

One day, it was 80 degrees. Now, I'm struggling not to shiver just walking from my parking spot into my condo. Winter is definitely on the way.

In addition to switching out your wardrobe, breaking out all the blankets, and having to get up earlier to defrost your car, there's another chore you have to add to the list this winter.

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It's officially that time of year during which you need to be extra careful when powering up your vehicle. Tons of people are reminding you via social media to always check your wheel wells and under your hood for any sign of animals.

You see, since it's getting so chilly outside, these little guys are looking for a place to escape the frigid temperatures. They'll hide out anywhere that provides a little bit of warmth. If it takes the edge off, it's good enough for them.

This is particularly true for cats. Cats LOVE the warmth of your car. They love to get up under the hood or hide out in your car's wheel well to escape the wispy winds of the season.

The last thing you want to do is start your car and wind up injuring one of these little kitties. Just look what happened to this one:

Side-by-side views of cat that was injured after being trapped inside hood of a car.
Shippensburg Community Cats via Facebook

Luckily, he survived, but it easily could have gone the other way.

What's worse? Well, it's usually kittens that are seeking shelter in places like this. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Just make sure to check your wheel wells before driving off. As for your hood, just pound on it before getting in your car or even just blow your horn. That should get them out of there.

Source: Facebook

Since you'll be bringing some of your plants inside to escape the cold, keep this in mind:

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