Since most people have made the right decision to self quarantine in an attempt to shorten the curve of spreading COVID-19, people are getting bored super easily.

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What happens when you're cooped up in the house and boredom overtakes you? Nine times out of ten, you eat. Eating out of boredom is super common. One industry that is anticipated to watch sales increase during the weeks of self-quarantine is the candy industry.

Business Insider claims that Hershey's chocolate specifically will most likely see a giant jump in sales due to the coronavirus. People ate large amounts of comfort food and Hershey's during the recession between 2008 and 2010. Stock market analysts say the same thing may happen now with the coronavirus.

People aren't oblivious to this, either. Twitter is already blowing up with people talking about how much they've already eaten due to being stuck inside all day.

More weight than 15 lbs...


Social distancing is a plus for stopping the spread of the virus, but a minus when it comes to the increase in my waistline.

Hopefully, we'll all reach a point where eating no longer satisfies our boredom. Today, however, is not that day....


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