You're invited to the Grand Opening of the Cat Country Bar & Grill Saturday Night

Crack open your favorite cold beverage and enjoy some of South Jersey's favorite country singers and bands.

Wait... there's that quarantine/isolation thing going on, right?

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Yes, and we're not going to interfere with that.

Here's the deal.. the Cat Country Bar and Grill will be live on Cat Country 107.3, the Cat Country 107.3 APP, and Saturday night from 7 til 9pm!

At the same time, we'll be live on Facebook on the Cat Country 107.3 Page.

Since you can't go out to the bar, we're bringing the party to you with the Cat Country Bar & Grill! The 2 hour event featuring some of South Jersey's best country singers and bands.

If you're a local country singer or band (That is, you are from or often play in South Jersey) that would like to be included... reach out asap via email: We'll send you back information.

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