Christmas is, by far my favorite time of year. As I get older, I'm really starting to enjoy decorating for Christmas... ...not actually putting up the decorations (although I do like doing so), but going through the boxes my Christmas stuff is stored in -- it's like a time machine of retail stores that don't exist anymore. My parents have stuff in their attic from Two Guys (remember Two Guys? There used to be one by Atlantic City High School on the Black Horse Pike and there was another one in Turnersville).

Every year, a lot of us pull old, faded boxes of old, faded Christmas decorations out of our attics or basements, many with price tags from any number of old, faded stores -- Jamesway, Bradlees, Caldor, Channel Home Centers, Rickel, just to name a few.

As a reference, Two Guys went out of business 30 years ago next year (1982), Channel disappeared in 1994, Jamesway in 1995, Rickel in 1997, Caldor closed in 1999, and Bradlees went away in 2001.


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