Little critters that call the Maurice River home were put in potential danger this week after a diesel spill resulted in the necessity of the Coast Guard on the scene.

Reportedly, some sort of watercraft had spilled into the river, leading to requesting the services of not just the Coast Guard, but the folks from NJ's Department of Environmental Protection as well as multiple clean-up crews. The goal, obviously, is to minimize the amount of devastation that area in Leesburg could potentially experience.

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Get our free mobile app says that it's possible the vessel could have released almost 780 gallons of fuel into the Maurice River. Coast Guard representatives said that it was important for all those present on the scene to focus on first, containing the spill, then begin the process of restoring that area to its previous state. Obviously, it doesn't take a biology degree to understand the importance of getting clean-up underway as soon as possible.

Personally, I would think a major fear of the DEP would be, yes, the damage to all the animals' ecosystems, but also the fact that it's springtime. You know what happens in spring, right? All the animals have babies! The spill could result in displacement which would not be in the babies' best interest.

At the present, there's not a lot of information that's been shared regarding exactly how or what kind of watercraft is responsible for the spill.

You're reminded to call the Coast Guard National Response Center if you ever come across an oil spill. They can be reached via their 800 number than can be found HERE.


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