If you are like most of the world and your favorite part of baking cookies is eating the dough, you are going to love this news. You always see articles telling you that it's not good for you and you shouldn't eat raw dough. That still doesn't stop you from buying break and bake cookies just to eat the dough. Now you are in luck.

The raw cookies dough store, Dough Life, is coming to South Jersey. Now you can eat all of the raw cookie dough your heart desires without wondering if the raw eggs have salmonella.

Dough Life opened up for the first time in New York giving the world what they want, raw cookie dough. They have multiple flavors and toppings. You get your dough in scoops like ice cream, served in a cup or a cone.

Dough Life recently announced multiple New Jersey locations that will be opening shortly. The Deptford Mall will be seeing a store opening up in the near future. An empty store on the first floor has a sign that says, "Arriving Soon. Dough Life." As of now no opening day has been set. Also in South Jersey, a Cherry Hill store is planned to open.

Other New Jersey locations to open include Freehold and Menlo Park.

Source: NJ.com

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