We need to talk.

One of the more alarming infographics in recent memory has surfaced, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the results.

A cooking website called HowToCook.recipes recently revealed the most Google-searched fast food restaurant in each state.

For New Jersey, the answer is Domino's.

You read that right. Domino's.

See the nationwide results for yourself below.


The Most Google-Searched Fast Food Restaurant in Every State – How To Cook Recipes – Infographic
By HowtoCook.recipes

For a population that loves to boast about how great the pizza is around the state, this is pretty damn embarrassing.

This is nothing against Domino's. Domino's and other fast-food pizza chains serve a purpose. Many of us have been in the compromising situation where the local pizzeria is closed or you need to come up with a cheap delivery option to feed your drunk or stoned houseguests.

But this is taking it way too far.

You don't see Taco Bell topping the most Googled list in the Southwestern states. Why? Because for as great as Taco Bell is, why would Americans in that region choose a fast-food chain over their local establishments that serve the cuisine the region is known for?

If I was from another part of the U.S. visiting friends or family in New Jersey and they ordered or brought me to Domino's, I'd never talk to them again. Where are our standards?

Some of us need to do some serious soul searching.

Since some of our New Jersey neighbors can't be trusted with their pizza decisions, I propose N.J. pizzerias start taking matters into their own hands.

HowToCook points out that in 2020, Domino’s generated more than 70% of its sales through digital ordering channels.

With that in mind, I call on every pizzeria in NJ that won't have their bottom line impacted to not only start allowing digital ordering, but also promote it heavily.

When next year's results come out, I want to see McDonald's at the top of the list like a normal state that doesn't betray one of its core values.

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