If Lil Nas X wins a Grammy in 2020, he'll have one more than Kenny Chesney — but he's not the most surprising country singer without a Grammy Award!

There's a long list of country fellas with no Grammys on the shelf at home. Chesney's nomination in the Best Country Album category in 2018 was his sixth all-time nomination. That's two more than Jason Aldean and one less than both Toby Keith and Blake Shelton, all of whom have won as many times as your next door neighbor (assuming you don't live next to Vince Gill or Alison Krauss, who have 21 and 14 wins, respectively).

The biggest shock on this list? Luke Bryan. Not only has he never won a Grammy, but the hitmaker has never even been nominated!

You have to search a bit harder to find a female artist who has never won. Miranda, Carrie, Maren, Kacey, Dolly, Loretta ... they've all won at least one, if not more, Grammys. For some reason women have better odds than men at this annual all-genre musical celebration. Using Taste of Country's list of the Most Powerful Women ever as a guide, we had to go 18 artists deep to find Tanya Tucker, who has never won a Grammy ... yet. She's nominated in four categories in 2020 for her acclaimed new album, While I'm Livin'.

Bonus: One more country singer who is Grammy-less? Eric Church! He's nominated again in 2020.

9 Surprises and Snubs in the 2020 Grammy Nominations:

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