Some good-hearted events are happening within the Cumberland County community this weekend.

A charity event will be held at Vineland's Landis Theater on Saturday, July 24th that will get all eyes on children and young adults living with a disability. The 'I Love Me and My Disability' fashion event is being put on by 20-year-old Cumberland County resident Trinity Jagdeo, who had to her best friend go through life battling a brutal disability that debilitates her muscles.

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Jagdeo said she just couldn't bear watching her best friend endure that pain in a world where nobody understands or really cares about people with disabilities. Jagdeo wasn't going to just sit back and do nothing. reports that she started a non-profit called 'From We Can't To We Can', an organization dedicated to ensuring more representation of disabled children and young adults within various markets.

The organization publishes and illustrates children's books featuring people with disabilities portrayed as superheroes, thus providing children with disabilities heroes to admire that are just like them. It must be hard to grow up in a world that doesn't always highlight people that are similar to you. There's no doubt that a hole exists in multiple arenas where representation of disabled people should be. Jagdeo is helping to fill that void.

The show will feature various pieces from different clothing brands, including some that were started by people with special needs. The event costs $25 at the door and is also available to watch via online stream. All the proceeds from the 'I Love Me and My Disability' will go to benefit children with disabilities and their families in financial need.

You can get even more information about the 'I Love Me And My Disability' fashion event HERE.


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