Time for some more Facebook myth busting.

The worst phrase I see on Facebook: "Copied from a friend."

There's been a flurry of posts on social media lately, saying that a recent interruption in cell  service enabled cell phone companies to drop a Covid-19 tracker into everyone's phone.

FYI: Do you know that a " COVID-19 " sensor has been inserted secretly into every phone. Apparently when every one was having a phone disruption earlier this week, they were adding COVID -19 tracker to our phones.

Is it true?

Wait! Before I answer it.... I looked at my phone. Here's what I found:



OMG! It's there! Does that mean they're following and tracking and tracing me?

Well, no. It's OFF. In order for it to work, I would have to turn it ON.

It's probably on your phone, too. Again, it's probably off, unless you turned it on.

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So it is true?

Well, yes, a tiny bit,  but mostly no. Here's what our friends at Snopes have to say about it:

What's True

In May 2020, Apple and Google launched a COVID-19 exposure notifications technology, which allows users to choose whether they want to use COVID-19 tracing apps on their phones. On June 15, 2020, many T-Mobile customers experienced network outages.

What's False

However, the phone outage (which was mostly limited to one network) and the availability of COVID-19 tracking technology occurred at different times. Furthermore, Google and Apple's exposure notification technology is not functional without the user's consent.

What's Undetermined

Privacy advocates are still weighing the pros and cons of proximity-tracing apps that use Google and Apple's technology.

I urge you to visit Snopes to find out more about this topic.  Actually, snopes.com is a great place to go for online myth-busting.

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