2023 proved to be a total dud for Atlantic and Cape May counties in terms of snowfall. That is, if you're someone who enjoys the snow. Compared to the last couple of years, South Jersey residents didn't see even a glimpse Old Man Winter in 2023. The storm that hit this region in early January 2022 dumped more inches on us than we'd seen in a long time! So sad we didn't get to play in any this year.


The few years prior to 2022, the winters haven't exactly been all that exciting here in the Garden State. That's at least true for both Central and South Jersey.

Now, I have to admit it was okay not having to deal with teeth-chattering cold temperatures during the winter of 2023. We did have maybe one or two really cold days in a row, but then it began warming up again pretty quickly. Nothing to really complain about.


Here's how I view winter: if it's going to be cold AT ALL, then I want it to at least look pretty outside. That means that it needs to snow. If it's not going to snow, then I don't want it.

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Snow's awesome until it starts to look dirty and nasty. Not to mention, the clean up can certainly be a pain.

Do I want snow this winter? Yes. Do I want to deal with clean-up? No. Still, regardless of the mess, with the snow always comes some pretty great memories that are made.


With that being said, I'm posing the question to you:


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