I know this may seem like a loaded question, but right now--for the sake of my sanity-- I must know:Do parents REALLY have favorites?

I ask this because I have a 20-year-old younger brother who is just simply more well rounded than I am.

He's the prodigy child in our family: Studying to be a doctor, SO smart, super social, funny, has a butt load of friends, very kind and caring, is passionate about making music, is always the kid everyone wants to see at family parties, responsible, cooks dinner for my Mom when my dad is away for work,  strong work ethic. He's just freaking fantastic.

Now, I'd like to believe the statement "I love you both equally, but in your own ways" shenanigans but lets be real...I KNOW my parents definitely like him better.

But then again, that's coming from the jealous sibling perspective. So parents (or other siblings) I'm asking:

Do parents have favorites?

BE HONEST! Take the poll below if you are a parent, or favorite/non-favorite of your siblings

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