In such a small state we have many different regions that make us all unique. Do you say that you're going to the beach or to the shore? Do you say pork roll or Taylor ham? Do you use parkway exits or turnpike exits to explain where you live and where things are? What does your accent sound like? Do you live in south, central, or north Jersey? How fast did you answer those questions? Pretty darn fast I'd imagine.

A Reddit user created 6 maps of New Jersey, separating it by unique regions. Personally I agree with most of these maps, with the exception of one.

Now let's go through these maps one by one shall we?

Map 1 (Sports):

I would say there is a gray area here with sports teams. This map has New York sports teams going down through LBI. I think this is a bit up in the air. While west of LBI they have pinned as Philadelphia, I think LBI has the Philly fans as well.

Map 2 (Parkway/Turnpike Exits):

This is 100% accurate. Although as someone who would use parkway exits to explain where I live, and have lived in the same town for my entire life, I am always unsure of which exit I am. Why? I have not a clue. I can tell you where other things are based off of their parkway exits, just not where I live.

Map 3 (Regions):

Whether you agree or not with this map, it's pretty darn funny.

Map 4 (Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham):

Yes! A million times yes! While the ones in the Taylor ham region are wrong, this map is not wrong.

Map 5 (North, South, Central):

Here is the map I have an issue with. I think their North Jersey line is spot on. However, I think Central Jersey needs to be dropped down to Toms River as the most southern Central area. I also have an issue with it saying "Claims Central Jersey exists." It does exist, let's just leave it at that.

Map 6 (Turn Signals):

This map again is just plain funny. You may disagree on its accuracy, but it is really funny none the less.

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