Let's face it - living in South Jersey takes a special kind of person.

Who else can navigate a traffic circle like you can?

Local residents explain special skills possessed by highly effective South Jersey residents

We queried local South Jersey residents about the skills required to live and operate in South Jersey - and, we got some great answers!

Carl said, "Navigate Wawa parking lots during shoobie season." (How true is that! Especially the old-school Wawas that still dot the area.)

Ronald gave us, "Clam digging." (We'll take your word for that, Ronald! We may lean a little more towards successful crabbing.)

From Courtney: "Knowing the better back roads to take during shoobie season to get to the beach." (Here! Here!)

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Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

More skills of South Jersey locals

Mike says: "Passing a shoob on the right while chomping on some Wawa dropping the bird." (Yes, we love to multi-task!)

Mara's answer was similar to Mike's answer: "Properly navigating a 4-way stop, circle, and jug handle, while also banging a U-ey."  (Let's go!)

Kim from Galloway pointed out one skill - that may be a little illegal: "When a driver is turning left and you pass them on the right, which is the shoulder of the road." (As long as there are no cops around....)

Bob had a great one: "The ability to avoid beach-tag checkers." (Bob! You're right that is a skill! One that I've been practicing for years and years!)

Mark's South Jersey skill: "Swimming in the sand washes!"

Erin from Galloway: "Jersey girls have the special ability to get the most perfect, voluminous, tall pouf in their hair" (LOL!)

12-year-old Matty says a special skill is that "we don't know how to pump our own gas." (Funny!)

This one is good.Erin from Galloway says, " We’re very good at differentiating the difference between north and south Jersey and explaining why there's a difference."

Finally, Mr. Money from Galloway says, " We know it’s pork roll and not Taylor ham."

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