Picture this, you just picked up a hot and fresh pizza from Domino's and on your way home you hit a pothole. The pizza bounces around the box, cheese sticking to the top, and the toppings go sliding. Your first thought may be that you are from New Jersey and that you don't eat Domino's. I get it, but you may change your mind when I tell you that Domino's is filling potholes.

We are no strangers to potholes here in South Jersey. May tires have been lost to potholes this year. Domino's is protecting your pizza with a new campaign they are calling Paving for Pizza.

They have set up a website for the new campaign where you can submit your town to have paved. The site also shows other towns they have paved and a pizza damage report which is a camera inside of a pizza box to show you how road conditions ruin pizza.

The pizza cam allows you to choose the severity of the road. The video then shows a pizza getting bounced around a box and the damage report of that pizza.

According to the site Domino's has filled 5 potholes in Burbank, California, 8 in Bartonville, Texas, 40 in Milford, Delaware, and fixed 150 square yards of road in Athens, Georgia. You can click to learn more about the work done on the roads such as how many hours worked, how many roads were fixed, where the potholes were, and how many people worked.

This comes not long after Domino's rolled out a carry-out insurance for your pizza, if you ruin your pizza on your way home they will replace it.


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